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 A Guide to the Collective Awakening: Advice, Tools & Art Projects                                                  by Jenna Walker




Jenna has been working hard to bring you her first publishing! It is now available on her online shop as kits or from, if you just want her book. Written below is the back cover done by the publisher, Friesenpress. Here you can get a sneak peak of the front cover. This is really exciting and she can not wait to share her first of many books. Check out the Book & Art Kit and the Book & Crystals Kit in the shop

A Guide to the Collective Awakening - photo of front cover.jpg

The back cover written by Friesenpress

                                                  A Guide to the Collective Awakening: Advice, Tools and Art Projects

                                                                                      By Jenna Walker


About the Book: 


Over the past several decades, there has been a remarkable shift in the way humanity views life as a whole. In fact, some would say what we are experiencing is radical. Our physical needs are no longer our only focus. Now, we are also pursuing spiritual and emotional fulfillment. An increasing number of people are looking to step away from the ego and move toward conscious awareness. They are seeking their true purpose in this life.


The process of connecting with the non-physical world is challenging. Both our bodies and our minds will encounter symptoms that cannot easily be diagnosed via traditional means. We may experience dis-ease, and yet all the tests come back normal. This is part of the journey. Furthermore, how do we make choices that sit well in our bodies? How do we manage stress in a healthy way? How do we cope with trauma we have experienced and find our way out of the negativity and into a safe and supportive space?


Jenna Walker’s A Guide to the Collective Awakening addresses just that: our awakening. In this book, you will learn about meditation and the breath. You will learn how to consciously feed the body through specific food and water choices. You will also learn how to feed your soul through ten hands-on art projects meant to guide you in processing and releasing your emotions in a healthy and constructive way.


Rediscover your divine power, connect with the universe, express yourself creatively, and take your personal growth into your own hands. As Walker says, “We have the ability and power to heal ourselves.” Use this book to take your first steps on this magnificent journey of awakening.



About the Author: 


Jenna Walker is an artist who has used the creative process as a healing tool for over thirty years. Having experienced trauma at a young age, she learned to manage that pain and express her emotions in a constructive and positive way. She has used her personal experiences, as well as the knowledge she has acquired from kindred spirits, countless texts, extensive travel, and moments of deep reflection to write A Guide to the Collective Awakening.


Jenna has spent more than twenty years on a personal healing journey, peeling away the layers of ego and attachment to labels and titles. Through it all, she has kept her heart open despite traumatic experiences that would encourage many people to shut down. Much of the work she has done has been in developing her intuition and her connection to her body and the natural world. Jenna felt compelled to share the many tools and techniques that have helped her in the hopes they will guide other people toward their process of awakening. 


Jenna has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University and lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, with her husband, Alan, her daughter, Aydan, her stepdaughter, Maya, and her French bulldog. She loves to read, create all sorts of art, hike in nature, and acquire knowledge on spirituality, metaphysics, and natural healing modalities.


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