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Orgone Devices By Jenna

Various shells

     I learned of the science behind orgone devices in 2014, and quickly found much needed relief from the EMF frequencies and radiation that we have blanketed the Earth with all of our electronics, WIFI, cell phones/towers, vehicles, smart meters, to name a few.

     Being an artist, and wanting to help heal the Earth and those upon it through my art work, I decided to start making my own orgone devices. 

muscle and clam pendants
various shells


     In the 1930's, Wilhelm Reich discovered the life energy in all living organisms which was noted as being blue-green energy under a microscope and he named this energy orgone.  Reich later developed his orgone generator, accumulator and even orgone blankets, which were used to repair damaged cells in our bodies from our atmosphere or surroundings.  Flash forward to today's date, and through modern material, these accumulators and devices can be made much smaller and even carried on our person.

     This is where my orgone devices come in.  Technology is a good thing but has been allowed to run rampant, exposing us to radiations, which cannot be seen through the naked eye.  These radiation, EMF's and various frequencies (ie from cell phones/towers, electrical substations, vehicles, smart meters) all emit negative energies which Reich coined as DOR (deadly orgone energy).  The opposite of DOR is POR (positive orgone energy).  Through the use of my orgone devices with layers of organic & inorganic materials, with polymers, crystals and metal shavings, one could reduce the amount of DOR, or negative, harmful energies and transmute these negative forces into positive life energies, or POR.

     For my orgone devices, I chose to use metal shavings, copper and silver wire to make coils, 6 different crystals and, a jewelry grade epoxy resin.  The six crystals I use are clear quartz, rose quartz, fluorite, turquoise, obsidian & amethyst.  I've recently also started to use Shungite, a crystal know for its' ability to clear and transmute negative energies.


small clam pendant
Orgone chime
leaf charm
leaf pendant


* Works continuously & is self-cleaning

* Purifies the atmosphere

* Helps plants grow

* Mitigates harmful effects of EMF frequencies and radiation

* Can aid with insomnia

* Inspires a pleasant demeanor & calm mood

cell phone charms


Market keychain
contact me for custom work

Made a custom piece with a lady's Mother's ashes in the resin, a part of the Orgone Device.

It was very special and an honor to do this for her.  Now she has a beautiful way to display a little bit of her Mother's ashes and clear energy.

Made a custom order for a friend in Hawaii... 50 pieces for the SWAT Team!

What an honor to bring healing, power and protection to the Hawaiian SWAT Team.  Thanks Vance!

Orgone Wall Hangings

Love Vibrations.jpg

'Love Vibrations'

3ft x 4ft

Acrylic & Orgone Devices on canvas

Mountain View 3.jpg
Mountain View 4.jpg

'Mountain View 3'


Copper leaf, copper coils, brass filings, iron filings, 7 crystals in resin on wooden frame

'Mountain View 4'


Copper leaf, copper coils, brass filings, iron filings, 7 crystals in resin on wooden frame

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