'Excessive Wear' 2015

     The clothing industry has dramatically changed since I was young and the clothing we wear is no longer being manufactured in the same way, quality or location.  Over the last 2 decades, I have observed radical and destructive changes of over consumption.  It is getting harder and harder to find and afford clothing that is made in North America.  This is personal.  Clothing is my “second skin”, how I choose to decorate and protect myself in the world.  The Earth is also a precious eco-system that needs respecting and with the destructive environmental effects of this current industry.

     The main objective of this body of work is to engage the public and bring to their awareness the current social and environmental tragedies that are associated with “Fast Fashion”.  With the use of these ordinary and abundant fabrics and labels in a different context, attention towards what has been kept on the inside, is brought to the outside. 

Wall Hangings 2017

'Outsourcing Consumption 1'
'Outsourcing Consumption 2'

     Inspired by Eco Art practices, I re-used recycled fabrics to create this body of work.  Turning material that is considered waste into something that is valuable again, is an inspiring process not only dealing with environmental issues, but is also sustainable and in abundance.  The current state of the fast fashion clothing industry disregard environmental concerns at every turn.  In my art practice, I aim to initiate a conversation regarding these atrocities, and show the opportunities for change.

     For this body of work, the two large wall hangings integrate quilting and tapestries techniques.  The stylized imagery depicts the destruction of a forest, and an ocean; a result of the negligent acts of the clothing industry.  Most mediums used for this project are recycled, such as the old clothing, fabric scraps, and plastic mesh bags, unlike the new canvas support and the red thread used to hold it all together.  The choice of the red thread is important, it is to signify blood and the bleeding of the Earth.