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     Back in 2018, in the heart of the Peruvian jungle is where I first met Vance and witnessed his beautiful energies, mental insight, and physical prowess  I went down to Tingo Maria, Peru, with my husband to experience Shipibo medicines with  Guerillmo Averelo. This is where we got to know @i_am_the_jungle, Vance, he was in our group and we experienced many mystical, ethereal visions through various forms of Shipibo medicines given to us by the shamans. It was soul building and repairing and through the plant medicines we healed our bodies and our minds, while we as a group slowly manifested into an IAM, one all manifest. All of our visions and healing work through long hours in the night brought all of us closer together and we became brothers and sisters with a common cause, truly beautiful and awe inspiring. I am honoured we have remained friends since then.

jungle selfie
Peru-Jenna and Al

     In 2018, Vance commissioned me to make him custom orgone pieces, some for him but mostly gifts he gave to his friends and family. Vance even had me make small orgone pendants for the whole Hawaiian swat team, Aloha au iā ʻoe, mahalo kaikunāne. So when Vance called me and asked if I wanted to make a special line of pendants and a charging plate, I said yes, and we came up with the name Tarzanite. These devices are a mix between my Divine Feminine and Vance's Divine Masculine with a little bit of Reiki energies provided by my husband. 

Tarzanite-rectangle pendant1.jpg
Tarzanite-heart pendant1.jpg
Tarzanite-charging plate1.jpg
In the jungle, yhe mighty jungle,
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