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REALIGN the Body, Mind & Spirit

with Jenna & Al

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Sessions consist of various modalities to help
REALIGN & RELAX all aspects of this human experience. Get help activating the healer in YOU!


- Clear unwanted energies & blockages

- Promote the body's natural healing abilities

- Create a state of relaxation, peace & harmony

- Calm the nervous system

- Connect to your Higher Self & Spirit Guides

- Release stagnant emotions & stress

- Realign to your body, mind & spirit's natural state

- Remember who you are


Sacred smoke & rattle clearing

Set intentions & attune for session

Energy Healing / Reiki

Gentle touch & massage

Sound healing experience

Channeled messages & guidance

Healing Sessions Available, click links below:

1 hour session with Jenna - $100

1 hour session with Jenna & Al - $150
Jenna Walker
Through personal trauma & deep shadow work, Jenna has honed various skills & techniques to help on the healing journey. For decades, Jenna has been on a journey of remembering her connection to ancient knowledge. She has worked with her Spirit Guides, Nature, plant medicine, and crystals to develop her intuition and connection to Universal Life Energies. As a highly sensitive empathic, Jenna is guided by her feelings and intuition to help others realign and reconnect.
Alan Walker
Enjoy inner peace and relaxation while Al brings you back to a state of harmony with the Universe. As a Reiki Master since 2018, Al has been opened up to channel Universal Life Force Energies to heal your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances. During the session he will loosen your blocked energies and help cleanse your body, mind and spirit of toxins or bad energies. Through his hands, he will intuitively move these energies so your chi will flow more freely and correct the imbalances to allow your body to naturally heal itself.
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