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Orgone Device by Jenna

Handmade on Vancouver Island, BC Canada


Energy cleanser made with crystals and metals in resin. Changes negative ambient energy (from cell phones/towers, computers and people) back into healthy positive ambient energy.

Built and designed based off of the scientific research of Wilhelm Reich.


Each unique piece contains recycled metal shavings, handmade copper coil and 7 crystals in jewelry-grade resin.


The 7 Crystals:

CLEAR QUARTZ for clearling, connection & harmony

ROSE QUARTZ for love & healing

FLUORITE for clarity & healing

TURQUOISE for protection & personal power

OBSIDIAN for grounding & clearing 

AMETHYST for connection & purification

SHUNGITE for EMF & radiation protection & grounding


Though all pieces contain the same items, as they are handmade, each piece is unique and one of a kind.

Little Hearts

  • If unhappy, you may return your art piece for up to 30 days from purchase, buyer to pay for cost of return shipping. Once received undamaged your refund will be processed.

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